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Emily Hurley
Emily Hurley
We are really happy with the 135mm insulation. The process was very quick and efficient and Peter and his staff were friendly and professional. We still need to light a fire in the evenings and on some cold mornings, but find that our house retains the heat so much better. We both work from home, so the insulation makes it it much more pleasant. Looking forward to seeing the difference in the summer too.
RNJudas “RNJudas”
RNJudas “RNJudas”
Capeinsulation Delivers Exceptional Service: Peter and His Team Exceeded Expectations I recently had the pleasure of working with Capeinsulation for the first time, and I am absolutely thrilled with the experience. As a homeowner, I wanted to improve the insulation in my roof, and after extensive research, I decided to go with Capeinsulation. It turned out to be an excellent decision. From the moment I contacted them, the level of service I received was outstanding. Peter, the owner personally handled the project, was extremely helpful, friendly, and informative. He took the time to understand my needs and provided valuable insights into the benefits of their roof insulation products. Peter's expertise and genuine dedication to customer satisfaction made me confident that I had made the right choice. When it came time for the installation, Peter's team proved to be just as impressive. His workers were not only polite but also determined and friendly. They arrived promptly and displayed a high level of professionalism throughout the entire process. I was particularly impressed by their attention to detail and the care they took in ensuring the insulation was installed correctly. To my delight, the job was completed ahead of my expectations. The efficiency and effectiveness of Capeinsulation's team were remarkable. They worked diligently and left no mess behind. The quality of their workmanship was evident in the final result. The insulation material, cellulose fibre, has made a noticeable difference in the comfort of my home. The house is now visibly warmer, and this improvement has been noted by all the tenants. It's incredible how Capeinsulation's product has transformed our living environment. I couldn't be happier with the outcome, and I credit Peter and his team for their exceptional work. I wholeheartedly recommend Capeinsulation to anyone in need of top-notch insulation services. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, exemplified by Peter and his team, sets them apart from the rest. Thank you, Capeinsulation, for delivering a superb experience and exceeding my expectations. I will undoubtedly rely on your services for any future insulation needs.
Matthew Gouws
Matthew Gouws
From the initial contact with Peter I knew this was a company I wanted to do my insulation. He was prompt in response to my initial request and gave me all the required information to make an informed decision on the insulation as well. During the installation his team was friendly and ready to assist with answers to any of the questions, they worked effortlessly and with minimal impact on my day to day tasks. We shortly after installation had a heatwave which I was not aware of until I stepped outside into what felt like a furnace. Overall the house is much cooler when it is blistering hot outside.
Hein Hanekom
Hein Hanekom
What a great company. Super professional, friendly and efficient. Will definitely recommend to anyone who needs insulation. Thank you to Peter and the team. Leo (My 4 year old) also had a great time chatting & playing with one of the guys. He sends his love. <3 Very happy customer!
Pierre Neethling
Pierre Neethling
Peter and team, our house is a haven at long last!!!!! Even during the installation of our cellulose insulation, one could feel the house cooling down!!!! Thanks for your excellent service and brilliant product! Hugely appreciated Pierre & Thomas, Wellington, Western-Cape
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown
Thanks Peter, great results, the three rooms that were problematic, solved. For some context had window tinting added about a month ago, helped a lot in the west facing rooms, doing both (tinting and insulation)is such a pleasure... Peter and team were fantastic, good response time, best price, very efficient thanks
Hennie van Wyk
Hennie van Wyk
We are very happy with the insulation installed by Peter and his team, it's made a huge difference in the power consumption of our inverter aircons. They are using way less power to cool the house and it remains cooler for longer after switching off. We can now finally have very comfortable summer inside the house!
Cathy Quibell
Cathy Quibell
We previously had roof insulation installed in only half our house due to us needing to do some minor ceiling repairs in some of the other bedrooms - so insulation was put on hold for those areas. It was so apparent when walking from un-insulated rooms into areas where there was insulation of the the vast temperature differences! I couldn't believe that it would make SUCH a big difference..It is incredible. Now that summer has arrived with its rising temperatures, we were quick to decide on getting the rest of the house completed and we can finally have a cool house in all the rooms. The service from this company was quick and professional and priced very reasonably! We are very happy customers and can highly recommend the product and service.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has over 25 years of roof insulation experience and our materials are fully guaranteed.

Temperature Regulation

In summer, roof heat is blocked, cooling your home day and night. In winter, it keeps out cold moist air and retains warmth.

SABS Approved Materials

Our cellulose fibre is SABS tested to SANS 1381-61 for Thermal Insulation in Buildings and Fire rated B/B1/2 (No Flame Spread).

Eco-Friendly Solution

Cellulose fibre insulation is made of 100% recycled paper milled with an organic fire retardant into an effective insulation.

Fully Guaranteed

The cellulose fibre that we use in our roof insulation comes with a life-time guarantee provided it is not disturbed or damaged.

Big Energy Savings

You will use about 65% less energy to heat or cool your home. Heating or cooling will also spread further and last longer.

Acoustic Insulation

Cellulose is 4x times denser than fibreglass and absorbs more sound. It has a sound co-efficient of 0.90 (absorbs 90% of sound).

Natural Pest Repellent

Insects and rodents are irritated by the fire retardant and will not nest in it, which will help keep these pests out of your roof.

Certified Non-allergenic

The organic fire retardant used in our cellulose fibre is also used in skin care products and thus is safe for humans.

From The Owner:

“When I started Cape Insulation, the goal was straightforward: provide homes and businesses with top-notch insulation using cellulose fibre. The benefits were clear; by using recycled paper in our insulation process, not only were we offering an effective solution for temperature control, but we were also making an environmentally conscious choice.

Over the years, our team has worked diligently to ensure each installation meets the highest standards. This isn’t just about following the National Building Regulations for Thermal Insulation; it’s about guaranteeing that every homeowner gets the best value for their investment. Every project we take on comes with the assurance of quality, energy savings, and a comfortable indoor environment.

The trust and feedback from our customers over the years have been invaluable. It’s a reminder of why we started Cape Insulation in the first place. As we move forward, our commitment remains the same: to deliver top-tier insulation solutions that are eco-friendly, energy-saving, and tailored for optimal comfort.”

– Peter Quibell

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Cellulose fibre is an eco-friendly and highly effective roof insulation choice for most roofs.

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